Strange Truths Masterpost - DCBB 2013

Title: Strange Truths
Author: 9_of_Clubs
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/Hannibal crossover / Action-Suspense
Pairing (s): Dean/Cas, Cas/Balthazar (these two mostly strong friendship/ preslash), Dean/Cas/Balth, Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 28,173
Warnings: Season 8 Finale spoilers, brief allusions to cannibalism, Spoilers for Hannibal S.1, some violent scenes
Summary: All the angels have fallen from heaven at Metatron's hand, but now they've also disappeared off the face of the earth. Only Castiel and, mysteriously, Balthazar remain, all but human and at the side of the Winchesters.

The angels' disappearance is haunting, but in the mean time monsters are still killing people and hunts are still at hand. When a suspicious case brings everyone face to face with the FBI, Will Graham learns more than he bargained for. But, in the end, he might be the key to something larger.

Notes: I had a marvelous time writing this story and combining all my Hannibal and Supernatural feels into one big adventure! It was really the first time, in a long time, that I felt immersed in the story and got to watch it unfold organically in front of me. I'm really excited for everyone to read it! I'd like to thank my gorgeous, incredibly talented, generally awesome artist amyeyl or all her hard work and enthusiasm. It was a true collaboration and everyone should go look at her amazing creations because they are not to be missed! They can be found here! Secondly, I'd like to thank my beta, Jackie, for holding my hand, and telling me that I'm awesome, and being really great and pointed about her commentary. Also for finding time in her crazy, stressful, full, life to finish this in time for me! (and for not making me feel like a dunderhead for all my wrong usages of commas.) This fic is head to toe grammered because of her <333333333333


Let me just tell you, before abnosome came into my life, I was quite incomplete. I didn't have a good word for who I was and it was kind of hard, all things considered. But now I finally have a word that is all me!

Have an abnosome day!
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A sudden bout of nebulous melancholia, too many factorsndthings making me nostalgic, I guess. Also I miss Balthums and his perfectly plushy form  - this is the first time he's been home alone.